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Downloads [Download SupaPDF Lite]
File Name: SupaPDF Lite (183.1 KB) Download
Author: javester (Uploaded by javester)
Date Added: 06-20-2006
Downloads: 2545
Grade: A+
Site Map SupaPDF Lite (v1.3)
A Free, Cross-Platform, Bonjour-Aware, CUPS-based PDF Generator

A PDF Generator?!?! Why would I want a PDF generator when OS X has built-in PDF generation?

Exactly!!! SupaPDF Lite extends your Mac's native PDF generation capability to all your Parallels Windows and Linux VMs, as well as any other CUPS/Bonjour-aware machine in your local network for that matter.

SupaPDF Lite leverages a panoply of OS X capabilities: CUPS (Common Unix Printing System), Quartz, Bonjour and Automator actions are all transparently combined to allow headache-free PDF generation to the local network.

NOTE: For discussion/support, just go here.

SupaPDF Lite is the free, feature-limited version of the upcoming SupaPDF Pro.

SupaPDF Pro is MUCH more than a PDF generator. It leverages unique OS X capabilities to enable extended PDF generation workflows. It will have:

Extended PDF operations like compression, watermarking, encryption, etc.
SupaPDF action hints. Specify actions like FTP, email, compression (ZIP and/or PDF native compression), watermarking, Spotlight Comments, Document Info, etc. on the Printer pane.
No MTC logo watermarks
Extended Growl Support. Clicking on the PDF preview on the Growl notification opens the PDF file. Clicking on the rest of the Growl notification just disposes of the bubble as usual. When printing from another Mac with Growl installed, SupaPDF can be configured to send remote Growl notifications when the print job is finished.
Action Cover Pages. Automatic recognition of cover sheets with SupaPDF action hints right on the document itself. For the first page of any print job, SupaPDF will scan for Action Hints. If any are found, it will configure the PDF generation job accordingly.
Action Cover Pages Template Library. Create a library of reusable Action Cover Pages for different SupaPDF job types. For example, create a standard cover page for a project that automatically watermarks PDFs confidential, encrypts the PDF, archives it on the project server, creates a Spotlight comment with Project info so its still searchable even with the encrypted content, and then emails a copy to all project members with a return receipt.
Automator Support. Create even more complicated workflows with flow control based on the action hints and the content of the SupaPDF job itself.
Bonjour browser. Users on the local network can use a web browser to examine their jobs on the SupaPDF queue.
SupaPDF print queues in BootCamp. When running Windows in BootCamp, the user can print SupaPDFs to a deferred queue. As soon as the user boots back into OS X, the queued SupaPDF jobs will be generated.
After installing the SupaPDF Lite package:

1. Setup SupaPDF Lite
• Open Printer Setup Utility
• Click on "Add Printer"
• Click on "Default Browser" on the toolbar
• Select SupaPDF Lite
• Select "Postscript" from the "Print Using" menu
• Select "SupaPDF Generator"
• Click Add

You can skip the steps 2 & 3 below if you don't plan to use SupaPDF from Parallels VMs and other machines on the local network:

2. Enable Printer Sharing:
• Open System Preferences
• Open "Print & Fax"
• Click on "Sharing" tab
• Click "Share these printers with other computers". Make sure SupaPDF Lite Generator is checked.

3. Enable Printer Sharing on the Firewall:
• Open System Preferences
• Open "Sharing"
• Click on the "Firewall" tab
• Make sure the "Printer Sharing" checkbox is checked

4. Install Growl
Growl is highly recommended and makes SupaPDF Lite much more useful! Get it here.


Generating PDFs from the local machine.
Just print.

Accessing from other machines, including Parallels VMs:
Windows XP/Windows 2000:
• Install Bonjour for Windows
• Start "Bonjour Printer Wizard" and select SupaPDF Lite
• You're done! You can now generate SupaPDFs from ANY print-capable Windows application.

Linux with Avahi/ZeroConf:
• Install Avahi (should come standard with most Linux distros). On Debian-based distros, be sure to install "libavahi-compat-libdnssd1", if available.
• Install CUPS (should also come preinstalled with most Linux distros)
• For KDE users, just fire up KDEPrint.
• For Gnome users, start Gnome-CUPS-manager (System>Administration>Printing in Ubuntu) and click on the "Global Settings" menu and select "Detect LAN Printers"
• If you see SupaPDF Lite on the list, you're done! You can now generate SupaPDFs from ANY print-capable Linux application.

Other OSes:
Any CUPS capable OS can connect to SupaPDF. Without Avahi/ZeroConf/Bonjour however, the URI address of the SupaPDF machine will have to be entered manually. Solaris 10 on Intel has been tested. Other Unix OSs like AIX and HP/UX should work. And since CUPS is compatible with Berkeley (lp) and System V (lpr) printing, just about any Unix system should work!

Where are the generated PDFs?
They are in the /Users/Shared/SupaPDF folder. Each "user" will have a separate folder. The user name is the current login of each machine/VM.

Growl is highly recommended. If Growl is installed, SupaPDF Lite will show a notification with a PDF preview whenever a PDF is generated.
• About a fifth of the time, SupaPDF Lite will place a small MTC logo watermark on the generated PDF pages.

v1.3 - 6-30-2006
Now has Progress notification when Growl is installed.
Will show Growl web site during install/upgrade if Growl is not detected.
Will automatically create a compressed PDF version when a generated PDF exceeds 1 MB.
Memory leaks fixed.

v1.2 - 6-26-2006
Initial Release
SupaPDF Lite by javester on 06-26-2006
Downloads [Download SupaPDF Lite]


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