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Why are marketing strategies vital to an Internet business?

Currently, many entrepreneurs decide to create their business online and with great reason since the business world is directed to technology, as for example it is no longer necessary for a user to move to a physical store to purchase a product , but you can do it from anywhere in the world thanks to technological innovations. If someone searches for a dentist in tijuana, they will not check out the phone book, but they will search the internet from their computer, tablet or smart phone, with only a mobile device connected to the Internet. reach endless possibilities.

Entrepreneurs have also benefited from these advances. Sometimes, they do not even have to have a commercial store through which to distribute their products, since they can be simple intermediaries between the customer and the wholesale supplier.

In these cases, the entrepreneur will create a web page in which he shows his products. When a user is interested in one of them and makes a purchase, the only thing that the owner of the company must do is to contact their supplier. This will be responsible for preparing the product, packaging without forgetting the sign of the company, for later shipment.

Are there online tools to create my website for free?
The Internet offers entrepreneurs a large number of online tools, through which they can facilitate their daily tasks. At the moment of opening a business, it is essential that the entrepreneur create a web page of this. There are programs to create a free website, which will help the economy of the entrepreneur.

Merge all your tasks in a simple way
Customers can be present in online and offline sales channels. An entrepreneur may have created a web page, be present in social networks, have to update one or several blogs, have launched mobile applications to the market and much more.



Can Big Data Improve Our Marketing Strategies?

In an era of great advances in technology, it has become increasingly important to detect fraud, improve cost analysis, find new customers or get a full view of campaigns in real time and all that and more can be achieved thanks to Big Data.

A general trend but that greatly affects the world of marketing. And it is that, when launching campaigns that try to attract consumers to a specific product or service, it is very important to know a little about the person we want to reach to personalize the ad as much as possible and can offer you offers that are really interesting like what like to people who wants to buy ocean front houses in baja.

Much has been talked about what Big Data can achieve in this field, but in reality we may know very little, since there are endless concrete possibilities that still escape the knowledge of many marketing managers. Beyond the creation of communication strategies adapted to our clients, according to their tastes, their geographic data and all kinds of information, the data can help us make great advances in the markets.

Here are some examples of how we can apply Big Data in our day to day:

Segment customers: previously we analyzed the customers and we saw how they were classified according to their characteristics, and strategies were carried out that were applied during months to compare the results of the beginning with those of the end.

Seize opportunities in sales: from the segmentations we can see in more detail how customers change and locate business opportunities based on it. For example, we can see what products
visited the customer or has bought and recommend another similar or complementary product, which is known as cross-selling.
Make decisions in real time: if I put a product on sale at a certain time, in a certain place, with real time and Big Data can see how that product is selling and make decisions based on the results.

Detect and avoid the loss of customers: we can see with patterns how customers behave and detect what is going to make the customer abandon the purchase or end up making it.
Detect fraud: you can see how people pay and see on which fronts we are vulnerable at the security level. We can also use Big Data to understand many kinds of risk, whether related to customer abandonment, payment methods or communication strategies, among others.
Tracking market trends: thanks to the data we can see how people develop feelings about our brand, positive or negative, how they move in the market, what releases they like most, which products are the best sellers …
Planning and prediction: we can predict how the business is going to be most likely to succeed, thanks to the immense amount of data we can have a more accurate planning.
Improve cost analysis: cause and effect of the above. If we have better prediction and planning we will also see better the costs that will represent us.


Why Your Packaging Printing Company Holds More Power that You Think

Imagine you are holiday shopping for your spouse or for a dear friend. You see two wrist watches; both are striking, similar in color, and priced about the same. Then you notice that one comes in a plain white box, and the other in a midnight blue box with a leather texture and red embossed lettering that makes the product pop even more. Which would you buy?

Of those who window shop and stroll the retail aisles, more than 70 percent don’t have a specific brand in mind. And this is where packaging printing companies for retail boxes step up to play a pivotal role in a brand’s growth. When you weigh the investment in packaging printing services to the alternative of lost revenue sitting on the retail shelf, it becomes a no-brainer. The best product printing companies hold a tremendous amount of power to grow your business, and here’s how.

Packaging Printing and Marketing Psychology

You’ve heard the expression, “we eat with our eyes first”. Just as a beautiful salad calls our name before we even taste it, so too does a brilliantly designed retail box. There are a number of considerations that go into retail box design from a marketing psychology perspective. These include color, structural engineering, texture and messaging.

Packaging Printing Retail Box Color

The color of psychology is no stranger to marketing. Certain brands have adopted specific colors for a reason. For example, Sir Richard Branson chose cherry red for Virgin Records and his Virgin Atlantic airline because the shade promotes action, excitement, energy and adventure–all the things that revolve around his business model and mission statement.

Look for a packaging printing company that understands this process, and works with your team to create colorful retail boxes that resonate with your buyer personas. For example, if you are a cosmetics company in need of a cosmetics box for anti-aging products, combining purple with a seafoam share might be ideal, as purple is synonymous with youth and royalty, and seafoam blue translates tranquility and freshness.

When working with a packaging printing company, make sure they use smart color choices, but also make sure they align with your company’s logo.

Structural Engineering for Retail Packaging

There are a number of retail box types out there, so make sure your packaging printing company knows how to select the right ones to make your products more desirable. For example, if marketing reports indicate that product visibility is a contributing factor to sales, choosing a plastic PET packaging product or a clamshell package would be ideal. However, if the item would offer more value by coming with packaging that can be used to store the item, rigid boxes would be perfect, especially one with a unique texture and design.

Always Vet Packaging Printing Companies

There is always a packaging printing company out there that can do a better job, so why not do quarterly check ins? In order to hit those high revenue targets, your products must stand out on the shelf. Partnering with a top packaging printing company that knows how to tap into your buyer’s emotions will prove to be a valuable ally.


Maneras De Mantenerse A Salvo En Las Redes Sociales

Las redes sociales Tijuana y los medios de comunicación como Facebook, Twitter e Instagram son excelentes para mantenerse en contacto con familiares y amigos, pero recuerde: los ciber-estafadores y los ladrones de identidad también se encuentran en esas plataformas. Aquí hay algunas pautas para evitarlos.

Bloquea la configuración de privacidad

Verifique la configuración de sus cuentas sociales para asegurarse de que su número de teléfono y direcciones de correo electrónico estén ocultos a la vista del público. Aquí hay algunas recomendaciones específicas de la plataforma:

Considera ajustar la configuración de privacidad de Facebook para que tus publicaciones sean visibles solo para amigos o amigos de amigos, en lugar de hacerlas públicas.

Desmarque las casillas de “Descubrimiento” en los controles de seguridad y protección de Twitter para evitar búsquedas utilizando su dirección de correo electrónico y número de teléfono. Si solo está utilizando Twitter para comunicaciones privadas (en lugar de redes de negocios), considere marcar la casilla “Proteger sus tweets”, que limita la visibilidad de sus publicaciones para sus seguidores.

En Instagram, si planea compartir imágenes personales (y no está promocionando un negocio), considere configurar su cuenta como privada.

Utilice la mensajería de texto para evitar inicios de sesión no autorizados

Hubo un momento en que se consideró prudente excluir su número de teléfono de sus perfiles de redes sociales, pero esa es una decisión que vale la pena revisar.

Considere proporcionar su número de teléfono inteligente a cada plataforma y requerir que use mensajes de texto para confirmar su identidad cuando inicie sesión en un nuevo dispositivo.

Este proceso, conocido como autenticación de dos factores o verificación de inicio de sesión, puede mantener sus cuentas seguras incluso si su nombre de usuario y contraseña son robados.

Configurar la autenticación de dos factores en Facebook. Facebook también le permite ajustar varias configuraciones de seguridad, como recibir alertas para inicios de sesión no reconocidos (cuando alguien inicia sesión desde un nuevo dispositivo o navegador web por primera vez).

Habilitar la verificación de inicio de sesión en Twitter.

Activar la autenticación de dos factores en Instagram

Sea discreto sobre su paradero

Tenga cuidado de no compartir su dirección, lo que puede ayudar a los ladrones a apuntar a su hogar. Además, tenga cuidado con la transmisión cuando viaja por períodos prolongados en los que su vivienda desocupada podría convertirse en un objetivo.

Tenga en cuenta que puede divulgar esta información sin darse cuenta, sin escribir nada, si permite que sus publicaciones o imágenes se etiqueten con su ubicación. Para evitar eso, puedes deshabilitar el etiquetado de ubicación:

Desmarque la casilla “Tuitear con ubicación” en la página de configuración “Privacidad y seguridad”.

Para las aplicaciones móviles de Facebook e Instagram, debe ir a la configuración de su teléfono, buscar servicios de ubicación y deshabilitarlos para las aplicaciones de Facebook e Instagram.


(El proceso puede variar de un teléfono a otro; si tiene problemas para encontrar la configuración de su teléfono, consulte la guía del usuario de su teléfono o las páginas de ayuda en línea).



Transform Technology In Entertainment

Women are versatile, independent, self-taught, responsible, whole and very intelligent, but above all, lovers of technology. Yes, the women of the 21st century have broken all stereotypes and prejudices by reinventing the way they are perceived by the rest of society. The strong and self-sufficient woman of this century is not always aware of her beauty and how to have an impeccable smile with their dentist in Tijuana but also have an important role in the modern world.

We have taken the reins of different industries, professions and trades making them their own and contributing their grain of sand in each of the aspects that make them up. Women and men working equally to improve their reality and get the future they want.

Technology and entertainment are no exception. Currently there are many examples of tasks and professional spaces that are not only occupied by women, but they are a fundamental factor for their development, transformation and success, do you want to know some? Our friends from Sony share some of us.

Social media

Much of our life is spent and reflected in social networks as we all love to publish states, photos, thoughts and many memes. However, Almost 70% of women upload or share photos and videos to Facebook, this being their favorite social network.

Within Facebook there are many women working as director of operations since 2008.


In this field, women are very relevant because, through their opinions and experiences of use, they can turn trends as much as they wish. One way in which women have transformed this segment is the creation of tutorials that allow their followers to replicate or imitate what they consider cool or fashionable. The perfect example of this case is the Mexican influencer Yuya who is one of the most famous youtubers in the world with more than 20 million followers on that platform.

Now youtubers can use devices that make their contents more fun, beyond smartphones or video cameras.


Contrary to what you might think, women over 18 years old are the ones who consume the most entertainment in the world (31%), representing a true cultural change contrary to the idea that “they are games for men” or that ” Women play to get attention. ”

One of the devices that has remained at the forefront in the development of video games and technology for the entertainment of men and women is Playstation.

Women are a force for change in any field that you can imagine, unfortunately, their role is still not recognized in the same way that of the male gender in fields such as science and technology. And you, what other case do you find of successful women? It will not be difficult to look around and easily find an example.


How use the CRM for insurance agents

CRM is one of the most popular exhibitions that grow in popularity. Relationship (CRM) is a continuous art of expectations with customers in the system that utilizes today’s technology to help the agent increase the increase. These types of systems are the operating power of sales departments for companies like Harley Davidson and Crops. These companies have found that recording, monitoring and improving their research efforts reserves time and resources. In the last few years, this type of technology has been stepping into other industries instead of 500 luck, but has a chance in the Insurance Agency? Absolutely!

CRM for insurance agents are perfect because they are constantly looking for transfers, promoting shopping, networks, cooling calls, and paying local ads. What are the employees doing about the prospects if the sale does not occur? Lost in a comprehensive sheet of paperwork in our offices. Posting notes, handwritten and published tips transfer the benchmarks of countrywide agents. All important questions are asked and inserted into the rating system then, they close the sale. But what if the sale is not tied up? What is included in this article? I am How does the agent monitor in six months, send an email, and save information for retail sale later? Members pay thousands of dollars each year and still do not know the information they received in the process.

The CRM system completes this gap by allowing producers to easily log in, manage and use the remaining information in their search. These systems have various displays, email tips, sales tools, and automation that allow the insurance agency to focus on what they are doing well. Agencies are available to serve the client and help them maintain their lives through the best insurance.

The key to selling anything is a lot of effect and time. CRM’s insurance agents continue to communicate regularly with their expectations and can maintain information such as end-end policies and information on every future expectation. Putting all the information on the fingers of the agency and allowing easy access is crucial to fully utilizing the CRM system. Many systems allow agents to integrate documents and track all information in one place that eliminates unwanted paperwork in their offices.

The CRM Software has many unique features that help its stakeholders (insurance companies) to provide more efficient and efficient business management and customer management solutions. More than that the CRM program can be found in basic web and desktop solutions and it can be customized to meet stakeholder needs. These are really the solutions for the two insurance industry; personal and business. Insurance Insurance Insurance is in the budget, stable, reliable and reliable way to reach the whole insurance sector, ranging from implementation to the end.


What is the cost of an email marketing campaign?

The price of an email marketing campaign can be estimated based on several factors and before delving into them, because it is a very general question, we must take into account why we should invest in an email marketing campaign, because its return investment or ROI is much higher compared to other media such as social networks, and serves several industries, for example, many dentists have seen an increase in sales by promoting their services like dental implants in Tijuana Mexico by email.

Key factors that affect the cost of an email marketing campaign
Many people mistakenly believe that the costs of an email campaign should be much cheaper when comparing the prices of other advertising media. But proper planning with the right tools requires a planned investment like any other means of dissemination of those as mentioned above, which involves monitoring, managing and optimizing performance to achieve a high conversion rate.

The number of niches or related businesses
This is one of the main factors that must be taken into account when evaluating the cost of an email marketing campaign, specifying whether it is a product, a line of products or a complete company.

Determine the scope of the campaign including the number of emails and database of prospects
The majority of tools to create email marketing campaigns assign their prices to the number of candidates or emails to which they will be sent, being able to segment the audience to send personalized emails and thus obtain a more significant percentage of success. This will also influence the final price.

Generally, many websites start to launch their email marketing campaign once the site is already assembled and the product is ready to sell. However, this sometimes is not the case and the goal of creating a website is precisely the organization of an email marketing campaign, because even if it is a very well organized campaign with a very segmented audience, it requires an anchor site to expand the information or embed what many people call a landing page to continue increasing and improving the list.

Technological versatility
Although the tools aimed at the creation of campaigns by email marketing have no special requirements in terms of software and hardware, there are some minimum requirements in terms of compatibility that we should review based on the tools used such as cross-platform compatibility, operation in mobile devices, loading time and compatibility with the implementation of the website.


The conquest of digital marketing

The web page of a company or someone who provides a professional service as a plastic surgeon Tijuana Mexico is essential to be understandable, without errors of spelling, good quality images, and a clean style as it must be worthy representative of the company, it apparently offers unambiguously what the client that visits it is looking for. It must be direct and with specific information, clear and useful, providing different ways to contact the people of attention to the public, vital to give consistency to that security. A website must have a personality by itself, but it also has to offer contact with real people, to reinforce that personality and services that it promises in its pages. In short, a clear example of what a website should be focused on marketing in class, to please the visitor and get it to become a customer.

Only then can we start with the digital campaign and should we define the labeling, and how can we define campaign labeling? It is merely a matter of adding parameters to the URLs of the links we share in the different actions we carry out. These URLs do not change their content in any way, but these parameters allow the analysis tools to measure them.

Google has its tool to create tagging: campaign URL builder. In it, we only have to include the URL that we want to measure, the source of the campaign, the medium and its name and we will have the link labeled ready to use.

To see the results of these URLs, you only have to access Google Analytics and then click on the acquisition and later on the campaigns section.

The labeling of campaigns is very simple, as you can see, and tremendously important, so it should be a common practice for all of us who work in the online world.


Signs That You Need To Update Your Digital Strategy

When a marketing strategy does not work, it shows in the lack of sales and prospects, that’s obvious, but in addition to that you must know that part of your strategy is not working and so you can make the necessary changes. Below we will show you some factors that you must take care of in your digital strategy.

Your website has a lot of traffic, but very few conversions. The number of visits to your page is an easy-to-follow metric, and it’s very motivating to see them come up regularly. But in reality, visits are useless if you do not get them to become customers. If you are getting a lot of traffic and very few results, take a look at the keywords for which you are positioned and the sources of traffic and analyze how you can optimize your page to achieve more conversions.

If you are a dentist in Tijuana, who depends a lot on your website to get more patients, you should invest in a website that looks good and loads fast, as well as making sure that all the information is visible and understandable.

Your content is not interesting. This is a common mistake, most of the content that is published online attracts little or no attention. If you want to make yourself heard, you will have to dedicate the time and resources necessary to create quality content.

Your SEO is not working. Search engine optimization is a long-term path, so the first thing you need to do is give it time. But if you have been paying attention to keywords for more than 6 months, doing on-page optimization, link building, and other techniques and still do not see results, you may need the help of an expert.
Your company page does not appear in the top positions of Google for the name of your company. Speaking of SEO, one of the most obvious symptoms that something is wrong is this.


Simple networking strategies

When we are starting a business we must experiment with several strategies to find the one that gives us the best results and one of the best are networking, which is to make contact with other entrepreneurs, talking with other experienced entrepreneurs can help us a lot, even if they do not work exactly in our same business line.

We must stop seeing other companies as competition rather we must think of creative ways in which they can support each other, as for example if you have a tourism company you can leave brochures of your services in the waiting room of Tijuana Mexico dentists or some clinic of liposuction in Tijuana Mexico, providing a special discount for them. Also a current way to gain followers in social networks is to make a raffle with several entrepreneurs and as a requirement to participate is that the person must follow them all, so each entrepreneur shares it in their social networks and their followers can end up becoming followers of your brand, thus increasing the number of followers and future prospects, of course it is not the best strategy since not all share the same segment, but it can work.

For this it is very important to look for networking events in your city, get in touch through events for entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs in your sector and never lose sight of the face to face because although we live in a world in which the digital It is very important, not all marketing strategies that are currently developed do so in a digital environment, but there are many that are applied offline.

Customer satisfaction is the most important in marketing, but of course this is not achieved immediately. Companies must work not only to identify needs, as we have already said above, but also to find a way to get these products to customers. In addition, companies must be in a constant process of adaptation and modification of their products according to changes in tastes and preferences of consumers in different market sectors.


What is Olfactory Marketing?

Currently, there are many companies that study, develop and apply aromas to create positive experiences at the point of sale, whether it is food or even when buying bridesmaid dresses in San Antonio. It is not about setting or aromatizing the space; it consists in that the smell is able by itself to generate emotions and to be linked with the product or brand in question.
Olfactory Marketing Strategy
The smell has a great power in the sensations that the client experiences and gives very good results since it is the most developed sense in the human being; we differentiate a total of 10,000 scents against only 200 colors. In addition, we are able to remember 35% of what we smell and only 5% of what we see.
One application of olfactory marketing that is now taking special relevance is the development of corporate perfumes. This strategy consists of using combinations of fragrances created to strengthen the values of the brand and that consumers can recognize at any point of sale of the same.
There are different types of Olfactory Marketing
This Marketing tool can be used for different purposes. Thus, depending on them, we can differentiate three different types of Olfactory Marketing.
On the one hand, the use of aroma as part of the experience of consumers in a particular establishment. One of the best examples of this is Starbucks, where the smell of fresh coffee is common.
On the other hand, the use of a certain aroma as a complement in the decoration of a certain place; for example, vanilla or lavender in a beauty center.
And finally, what is known as odotype, or olfactory logo. The brand uses a specific aroma exclusively to create a brand image; In this way, consumers establish a relationship between the brand in question and the aroma.
Olfactory marketing emotions
Benefits Olfactory Marketing
The benefits of this type of Marketing for the brand are very broad.
Boosting sales: the main objective of Olfactory Marketing is to increase the sales of a certain brand. A study by Nike revealed that this tool can increase sales by up to 80%.
Create brand image: the aromas can be very useful to generate notoriety and brand image. Users establish a relationship between a certain brand and a given aroma.


Advantages of SEO for small businesses

SEO which stands for search engine optimization refers to the practice which is widely used to increase b the quality and the quantity of traffic on your website through organic search engine results. As an entrepreneur, you may think that SEO is an unnecessary liability. The truth is that search engine optimization plays a very vital role in small and even in the large business organization.

Advantages of SEO for small businesses

SEO is excellent for social media

If your web Page is of high rank, then it implies that you are highly exposed to social media. In the modern world, social media is a powerful tool which contributes to the general recognition of a business. This, therefore, implies if a small business which has a remarkable hold on SEO tends to have excellent publicity to social media together with a powerful interaction with the potential customers.

SEO helps hold on to competition

Keeping up with competition is essential for the growth of a small business. SEO agencies like KatRank will help you to come up with tactics of improving the quality and the quantity of the products you specialize in. SEO helps you to know how competitive the market is by knowing some of the common keywords which competitors are using to drive traffic.

SEO helps in exploring fresh markets

The website is the fastest growing markets in the modern world. An excellent search engine optimization campaign is vital as it will help you to identify new markets while exploring some new economies in the world. Both mobile marketplaces together with the social media platforms can improve your traffic through boosting the performance of your SEO.

SEO for small businesses is not only an excellent tool for competition, but it is also a crucial investment for your business. This is simply because right SEO will help you to fine tune with your business strategy and also make sure that the resources available are utilized efficiently. You need to give your business an excellent growth opportunity for by focusing on the benefits which come along with SEO.