Why Your Packaging Printing Company Holds More Power that You Think

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Imagine you are holiday shopping for your spouse or for a dear friend. You see two wrist watches; both are striking, similar in color, and priced about the same. Then you notice that one comes in a plain white box, and the other in a midnight blue box with a leather texture and red embossed lettering that makes the product pop even more. Which would you buy?

Of those who window shop and stroll the retail aisles, more than 70 percent don’t have a specific brand in mind. And this is where packaging printing companies for retail boxes step up to play a pivotal role in a brand’s growth. When you weigh the investment in packaging printing services to the alternative of lost revenue sitting on the retail shelf, it becomes a no-brainer. The best product printing companies hold a tremendous amount of power to grow your business, and here’s how.

Packaging Printing and Marketing Psychology

You’ve heard the expression, “we eat with our eyes first”. Just as a beautiful salad calls our name before we even taste it, so too does a brilliantly designed retail box. There are a number of considerations that go into retail box design from a marketing psychology perspective. These include color, structural engineering, texture and messaging.

Packaging Printing Retail Box Color

The color of psychology is no stranger to marketing. Certain brands have adopted specific colors for a reason. For example, Sir Richard Branson chose cherry red for Virgin Records and his Virgin Atlantic airline because the shade promotes action, excitement, energy and adventure–all the things that revolve around his business model and mission statement.

Look for a packaging printing company that understands this process, and works with your team to create colorful retail boxes that resonate with your buyer personas. For example, if you are a cosmetics company in need of a cosmetics box for anti-aging products, combining purple with a seafoam share might be ideal, as purple is synonymous with youth and royalty, and seafoam blue translates tranquility and freshness.

When working with a packaging printing company, make sure they use smart color choices, but also make sure they align with your company’s logo.

Structural Engineering for Retail Packaging

There are a number of retail box types out there, so make sure your packaging printing company knows how to select the right ones to make your products more desirable. For example, if marketing reports indicate that product visibility is a contributing factor to sales, choosing a plastic PET packaging product or a clamshell package would be ideal. However, if the item would offer more value by coming with packaging that can be used to store the item, rigid boxes would be perfect, especially one with a unique texture and design.

Always Vet Packaging Printing Companies

There is always a packaging printing company out there that can do a better job, so why not do quarterly check ins? In order to hit those high revenue targets, your products must stand out on the shelf. Partnering with a top packaging printing company that knows how to tap into your buyer’s emotions will prove to be a valuable ally.