Why Sports Stadiums Should Invest in a Multi Device Charging Station for Suites

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These days it is more common to see multi-device charging stations at college and professional sports arenas. Studies show that when stadiums add a multi device charging station near concessions and within clear view of the field, sales go up because people feel know they can shop within plain view of their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. This alone adds millions in revenue, but shockingly enough not all suites have a multi device charging station in their vicinity. This article is intended to help general managers and stadium leadership teams learn how investing in a company that makes a commercial multi charging station for stadiums can create a better guest experience and generate more revenue. 

Suites without a Multi Device Charging Station Lose Value

Clearly, ticket sales account for the majority of the revenue a stadium draws. That said, setting out suites are top sales goals because these offer the highest revenue and return for the facilities. Often, companies will book a suite, high profile people like actors, musicians and politicians will book a suite for themselves and their closest friends, and really people with lots of money to spend on having the ultimate game experience. But if the suite doesn’t offer the best guest experience, people will complain, never book again, and some even demand a discount. Having a multi device charging station in the suite will heighten the guest experience by giving people a way to charge their cell phones, laptops and tablets. This will encourage them to re-book the suite for upcoming games, and continue to grow the stadium’s revenue. 

A Multi Device Charging Station Attracts More Business Guests

We already mentioned how companies often book suites at sports stadiums, but even more would reserve the space if there was a multi device charging station. Some people need to continue working while at the game. A client may need immediate assistance, there could be bank transfer errors that need immediate attention, security breaches, or a deadline change on various projects. Having work stations that function as a multi device charging station would be ideal. These can be tables capable of accommodating numerous laptops, standing work stations, counters, and more. When people can work comfortably in the stadium suite, they are more likely to re-book. 

Invest in a Multi Device Charging Station for Stadium Suites from the Right Company

First, look for a provider that has already partnered with appropriate clients when seeking a multi device charging station. For example, KwikBoost has designed a custom multi device charging station for suites and various locations throughout stadiums such as the home of the Cincinnati Bengals and AT&T Stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play in the NFL. They also built custom multi device charging stations for MLB’s Cleveland Indians, and they designed a highly customized multi device charging station (several of them) for the SuperBowl.  These can be customized with team colors and logos, interactive media, and software that takes polls to help improve marketing and sales, as well as digital adds to help increase sales at the gift shot and concessions.