What is the cost of an email marketing campaign?

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The price of an email marketing campaign can be estimated based on several factors and before delving into them, because it is a very general question, we must take into account why we should invest in an email marketing campaign, because its return investment or ROI is much higher compared to other media such as social networks, and serves several industries, for example, many dentists have seen an increase in sales by promoting their services like dental implants in Tijuana Mexico by email.

Key factors that affect the cost of an email marketing campaign
Many people mistakenly believe that the costs of an email campaign should be much cheaper when comparing the prices of other advertising media. But proper planning with the right tools requires a planned investment like any other means of dissemination of those as mentioned above, which involves monitoring, managing and optimizing performance to achieve a high conversion rate.

The number of niches or related businesses
This is one of the main factors that must be taken into account when evaluating the cost of an email marketing campaign, specifying whether it is a product, a line of products or a complete company.

Determine the scope of the campaign including the number of emails and database of prospects
The majority of tools to create email marketing campaigns assign their prices to the number of candidates or emails to which they will be sent, being able to segment the audience to send personalized emails and thus obtain a more significant percentage of success. This will also influence the final price.

Generally, many websites start to launch their email marketing campaign once the site is already assembled and the product is ready to sell. However, this sometimes is not the case and the goal of creating a website is precisely the organization of an email marketing campaign, because even if it is a very well organized campaign with a very segmented audience, it requires an anchor site to expand the information or embed what many people call a landing page to continue increasing and improving the list.

Technological versatility
Although the tools aimed at the creation of campaigns by email marketing have no special requirements in terms of software and hardware, there are some minimum requirements in terms of compatibility that we should review based on the tools used such as cross-platform compatibility, operation in mobile devices, loading time and compatibility with the implementation of the website.