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Women are versatile, independent, self-taught, responsible, whole and very intelligent, but above all, lovers of technology. Yes, the women of the 21st century have broken all stereotypes and prejudices by reinventing the way they are perceived by the rest of society. The strong and self-sufficient woman of this century is not always aware of her beauty and how to have an impeccable smile with their dentist in Tijuana but also have an important role in the modern world.

We have taken the reins of different industries, professions and trades making them their own and contributing their grain of sand in each of the aspects that make them up. Women and men working equally to improve their reality and get the future they want.

Technology and entertainment are no exception. Currently there are many examples of tasks and professional spaces that are not only occupied by women, but they are a fundamental factor for their development, transformation and success, do you want to know some? Our friends from Sony share some of us.

Social media

Much of our life is spent and reflected in social networks as we all love to publish states, photos, thoughts and many memes. However, Almost 70% of women upload or share photos and videos to Facebook, this being their favorite social network.

Within Facebook there are many women working as director of operations since 2008.


In this field, women are very relevant because, through their opinions and experiences of use, they can turn trends as much as they wish. One way in which women have transformed this segment is the creation of tutorials that allow their followers to replicate or imitate what they consider cool or fashionable. The perfect example of this case is the Mexican influencer Yuya who is one of the most famous youtubers in the world with more than 20 million followers on that platform.

Now youtubers can use devices that make their contents more fun, beyond smartphones or video cameras.


Contrary to what you might think, women over 18 years old are the ones who consume the most entertainment in the world (31%), representing a true cultural change contrary to the idea that “they are games for men” or that ” Women play to get attention. ”

One of the devices that has remained at the forefront in the development of video games and technology for the entertainment of men and women is Playstation.

Women are a force for change in any field that you can imagine, unfortunately, their role is still not recognized in the same way that of the male gender in fields such as science and technology. And you, what other case do you find of successful women? It will not be difficult to look around and easily find an example.