The conquest of digital marketing

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The web page of a company or someone who provides a professional service as a plastic surgeon Tijuana Mexico is essential to be understandable, without errors of spelling, good quality images, and a clean style as it must be worthy representative of the company, it apparently offers unambiguously what the client that visits it is looking for. It must be direct and with specific information, clear and useful, providing different ways to contact the people of attention to the public, vital to give consistency to that security. A website must have a personality by itself, but it also has to offer contact with real people, to reinforce that personality and services that it promises in its pages. In short, a clear example of what a website should be focused on marketing in class, to please the visitor and get it to become a customer.

Only then can we start with the digital campaign and should we define the labeling, and how can we define campaign labeling? It is merely a matter of adding parameters to the URLs of the links we share in the different actions we carry out. These URLs do not change their content in any way, but these parameters allow the analysis tools to measure them.

Google has its tool to create tagging: campaign URL builder. In it, we only have to include the URL that we want to measure, the source of the campaign, the medium and its name and we will have the link labeled ready to use.

To see the results of these URLs, you only have to access Google Analytics and then click on the acquisition and later on the campaigns section.

The labeling of campaigns is very simple, as you can see, and tremendously important, so it should be a common practice for all of us who work in the online world.