Simple networking strategies

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When we are starting a business we must experiment with several strategies to find the one that gives us the best results and one of the best are networking, which is to make contact with other entrepreneurs, talking with other experienced entrepreneurs can help us a lot, even if they do not work exactly in our same business line.

We must stop seeing other companies as competition rather we must think of creative ways in which they can support each other, as for example if you have a tourism company you can leave brochures of your services in the waiting room of Tijuana Mexico dentists or some clinic of liposuction in Tijuana Mexico, providing a special discount for them. Also a current way to gain followers in social networks is to make a raffle with several entrepreneurs and as a requirement to participate is that the person must follow them all, so each entrepreneur shares it in their social networks and their followers can end up becoming followers of your brand, thus increasing the number of followers and future prospects, of course it is not the best strategy since not all share the same segment, but it can work.

For this it is very important to look for networking events in your city, get in touch through events for entrepreneurs with other entrepreneurs in your sector and never lose sight of the face to face because although we live in a world in which the digital It is very important, not all marketing strategies that are currently developed do so in a digital environment, but there are many that are applied offline.

Customer satisfaction is the most important in marketing, but of course this is not achieved immediately. Companies must work not only to identify needs, as we have already said above, but also to find a way to get these products to customers. In addition, companies must be in a constant process of adaptation and modification of their products according to changes in tastes and preferences of consumers in different market sectors.