Signs That You Need To Update Your Digital Strategy

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When a marketing strategy does not work, it shows in the lack of sales and prospects, that’s obvious, but in addition to that you must know that part of your strategy is not working and so you can make the necessary changes. Below we will show you some factors that you must take care of in your digital strategy.

Your website has a lot of traffic, but very few conversions. The number of visits to your page is an easy-to-follow metric, and it’s very motivating to see them come up regularly. But in reality, visits are useless if you do not get them to become customers. If you are getting a lot of traffic and very few results, take a look at the keywords for which you are positioned and the sources of traffic and analyze how you can optimize your page to achieve more conversions.

If you are a dentist in Tijuana, who depends a lot on your website to get more patients, you should invest in a website that looks good and loads fast, as well as making sure that all the information is visible and understandable.

Your content is not interesting. This is a common mistake, most of the content that is published online attracts little or no attention. If you want to make yourself heard, you will have to dedicate the time and resources necessary to create quality content.

Your SEO is not working. Search engine optimization is a long-term path, so the first thing you need to do is give it time. But if you have been paying attention to keywords for more than 6 months, doing on-page optimization, link building, and other techniques and still do not see results, you may need the help of an expert.
Your company page does not appear in the top positions of Google for the name of your company. Speaking of SEO, one of the most obvious symptoms that something is wrong is this.