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What is Olfactory Marketing?

Currently, there are many companies that study, develop and apply aromas to create positive experiences at the point of sale, whether it is food or even when buying bridesmaid dresses in San Antonio. It is not about setting or aromatizing the space; it consists in that the smell is able by itself to generate emotions and to be linked with the product or brand in question.
Olfactory Marketing Strategy
The smell has a great power in the sensations that the client experiences and gives very good results since it is the most developed sense in the human being; we differentiate a total of 10,000 scents against only 200 colors. In addition, we are able to remember 35% of what we smell and only 5% of what we see.
One application of olfactory marketing that is now taking special relevance is the development of corporate perfumes. This strategy consists of using combinations of fragrances created to strengthen the values of the brand and that consumers can recognize at any point of sale of the same.
There are different types of Olfactory Marketing
This Marketing tool can be used for different purposes. Thus, depending on them, we can differentiate three different types of Olfactory Marketing.
On the one hand, the use of aroma as part of the experience of consumers in a particular establishment. One of the best examples of this is Starbucks, where the smell of fresh coffee is common.
On the other hand, the use of a certain aroma as a complement in the decoration of a certain place; for example, vanilla or lavender in a beauty center.
And finally, what is known as odotype, or olfactory logo. The brand uses a specific aroma exclusively to create a brand image; In this way, consumers establish a relationship between the brand in question and the aroma.
Olfactory marketing emotions
Benefits Olfactory Marketing
The benefits of this type of Marketing for the brand are very broad.
Boosting sales: the main objective of Olfactory Marketing is to increase the sales of a certain brand. A study by Nike revealed that this tool can increase sales by up to 80%.
Create brand image: the aromas can be very useful to generate notoriety and brand image. Users establish a relationship between a certain brand and a given aroma.


Advantages of SEO for small businesses

SEO which stands for search engine optimization refers to the practice which is widely used to increase b the quality and the quantity of traffic on your website through organic search engine results. As an entrepreneur, you may think that SEO is an unnecessary liability. The truth is that search engine optimization plays a very vital role in small and even in the large business organization.

Advantages of SEO for small businesses

SEO is excellent for social media

If your web Page is of high rank, then it implies that you are highly exposed to social media. In the modern world, social media is a powerful tool which contributes to the general recognition of a business. This, therefore, implies if a small business which has a remarkable hold on SEO tends to have excellent publicity to social media together with a powerful interaction with the potential customers.

SEO helps hold on to competition

Keeping up with competition is essential for the growth of a small business. SEO agencies like KatRank will help you to come up with tactics of improving the quality and the quantity of the products you specialize in. SEO helps you to know how competitive the market is by knowing some of the common keywords which competitors are using to drive traffic.

SEO helps in exploring fresh markets

The website is the fastest growing markets in the modern world. An excellent search engine optimization campaign is vital as it will help you to identify new markets while exploring some new economies in the world. Both mobile marketplaces together with the social media platforms can improve your traffic through boosting the performance of your SEO.

SEO for small businesses is not only an excellent tool for competition, but it is also a crucial investment for your business. This is simply because right SEO will help you to fine tune with your business strategy and also make sure that the resources available are utilized efficiently. You need to give your business an excellent growth opportunity for by focusing on the benefits which come along with SEO.